Storage & Logistics references

Our expertise in storage & logistics in practice

Whether it's a small warehouse or a complex logistics centre with 100,000 m² surface area, Astron's logistics buildings and warehouses are flexible and can always be individually optimised as you can see by clicking on the above examples:

For the online retail giant Amazon, we built 100,000 m2 in Magdeburg, Germany, with impressive dimensions. For Arthur Welter Logistics in Luxembourg, Astron found the technical and logistical solutions to satisfy the needs of the logistics group. We helped Corab logistics center to release 8,000 m2 in Poland, equipped with the best logistics solutions available. A 6,400 m² DHL logistics center in Germany is dedicated to processing 19,000 parcels a day. Distri Cash turnkey 7,000m² logistics warehouse in France is optimized for supply chain management (SCM) and is another reference among our 50,000 steel buildings realized all over Europe.