Industrial buildings for your individual needs

A new location, greater space requirements, optimised processes, higher energy efficiency – there are plenty of good reasons to build a new industrial building or expand an existing one. Astron builds custom-fit industrial buildings for all industries, uses and sizes – with maximum focus on avoiding ceiling supports, irrespective of whether the building is single bay or multi bay, single or double storey, stand alone or with an attached office unit. 

What’s more, we also equip the halls with everything you could need, including cranes and lifting technology, loading docks, and temperature controls. In areas where space requirements are tight and the type of use changes, our business parks offer the ideal solution. These consist of modular industrial buildings and office units that can be flexibly adapted to suit individual requirements.

Using standardized elements, each building is individually optimized according to the requirements of the building and its intended use. If necessary, special constructive solutions are added.

The system solution includes all parts of the supporting structure as well as a variety of different roof and wall systems. There are no standardized grid dimensions. Canopies, roof overhangs and parapets set architectural accents. Numerous accessories complement the product range. A wide variety of combinations of individual products and the addition of building materials such as stone, wood and glass mean that new, individual buildings can be created time and again.

Inside view of an industrial building - Astron system solution for industrial buildings


# As strong as steel 

The Astron primary framing consists of all the structural elements which transfer loads to the foundations. Main frames consist of built-up welded primary framing members, including flange bracings, connection bolts and anchor bolts. The bases of the intermediate frames are generally pinned; however, certain circumstances may dictate the use of fixed constructions.

Astron buildings are optimised to meet the specific requirements of each client. We work with standardised frame types. However, we also plan, calculate and manufacture any other frame types with free spans of up to 100 m.


  • Aesthetic profile
  • Optimum clear space
  • Easy adaptation of the building in case of modification or change of building use
  • Easy integration of all traditional construction materials such as brickwork, glazing, timber, etc.


# A sight that inspires

A good facade is more than just a building envelope. It provides protection, presents the corporate style to the outside world, and has a major influence on energy efficiency. It should be durable and flexible and allow for uncomplicated installation and conversion at a later date. Here Astron quality comes into play again: we produce most of the facade elements ourselves. In addition, we work closely with other manufacturers.

Depending on the location, building function and architectural wishes, our clients can play with a variety of shapes and materials, get inspired and finally give their hall an unmistakable face with an all-round matching, individual variant. On request, we also plan and build facades according to hygienic aspects that comply with the high standards of the food industry.

LPA / Unique solution

industrial building facade

LPA900 consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, colored to match the sheeting.

As an exterior coating, we use superpolyester material. The LPA900 panel can be delivered in any RAL colour. Let yourself be inspired. Delivery times and costs depend on the amount of steel ordered. For short delivery times, we can even provide some stock colours for you.

Do you have further questions? Just call us, we will be happy to support you!

Polar / Sandwich panels

Turnkey industrial building facade

The Polar wall is a complete wall system based on sandwich panels. It includes all necessary framed openings, fasteners and finishing flashings. Different insulation thicknesses and panel profiles are available within the Polar wall system.

They consist of two profiled ribbed coated steel panels, produced by cold roll forming, between which CFC-free polyurethane foam is factory injected. Tongue and groove jointing ensures water tightness.

For more product details, just contact us!

Design / Architectural facade

industrial building facade with individual variant

As a visual figurehead, the facade defines the external impact of your company and shapes the environment. There are multitudes of materials, shapes and colours available to give your hall a distinctive appearance.

Astron offers a huge range of different options and numerous designs are possible: translucent polycarbonates, stainless steel or rusty steel, timber cladding, glass, bricks or fully sustainable facade materials. On request, we can plan and build facades individually according to your wishes. Just call us to discuss!


  • Industrial building facade. Multitudes of materials, shapes and color


# As tight as a can 

An Astron hall roof has it all. It not only protects the building and its interior from wind and weather, but also has many other functions to fulfill. For example, thermal insulation, soundproofing and drainage are provided by Astron via a cost-effective and low-maintenance drainage system. Hall roofs are also ideal for accommodating a photovoltaic system: Many Astron customers already use their roofs for environmentally friendly energy generation.

Astron roofs provide long-term performance and ensure ultimate water tightness. They are also very easy to maintain. The roofs are easy to install and offer an attractive and economical solution. A large range of integrated accessories is available.

LMR / The world's tightest roof

Erectors assembling the LMR600 roof system for long-term performance and ultimate water tightness.

LMR600 is the undisputed hero in between the roof systems! This standing seam roof consists of 600 mm wide roll formed panels with a 50 mm high corrugation.

Each panel is fixed with a clip, allowing linear and lateral expansion and contraction. No direct screws are used, so no holes in the roof. This provides ultimate tightness!

LMR600 is the ideal solution to fix solar panels on top of your building. Questions? Just ask us!

Polar / Sandwich roof solution

Polar roof panels as an example of the variety of polar sandwich types available

Polar panels consist of two profiled ribbed coated steel panels, produced by cold roll forming, between which CFC-free polyurethane foam is factory injected. Different insulation thicknesses and panel profiles are available within the Polar sandwich panel roof system.

As we offer a huge variety of Polar sandwich types, any colour or shape is possible, and with various U-values.

Are you looking for a sustainable solution? Just ask us and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect product!

LPR / Fast & efficient roofing

LPR1000 roofing system. Screw down roof LPR1000 roof system

With the LPR1000 roofing system, metal panels are screwed down on the roof in an overlapping fashion.

The long span ribbed panels have a coverage width of 1,000 mm and a core thickness of 0.5 mm, while using a high tensile strength steel (S550). The fixation is done with self-drilling stainless steel screws, directly into the secondary structure. This is a very fast and efficient solution for the roofing of industrial buildings.

Different colour options are available. Just call us to check the details.


# Connections that count

The typical connection from outside to inside, a healthy working atmosphere, fast loading or unloading. Our gate and door systems provide tailor-made interfaces between man, truck and building. Horizontal and vertical light bands, as well as punched windows, let natural light into the building and offer numerous individual design possibilities.

Scope of delivery

  • Industrial doors
  • Gates
  • Windows
  • Translucent panels
  • Skydomes


# Let the sunshine in 

Today, having a solar system on the roof of a modern company is just as important as having running water and an internet connection. For your photovoltaic system to become a successful project, it must be installed on the roof surface of your company and adapted to your needs. Storage buildings, production halls or logistics properties – each type of building has different requirements for a solar system. Our roof system is prepared for this.

  • Photovoltaic system for industrial buildings


# Heavy metal in the sky 

Overhead cranes use the latest technologies to increase customers' process safety and productivity. But the key to success lies in the safer crane rail - best produced, delivered and assembled directly with the building structure - from a single source by Astron. 

Scope of delivery:

  • >> Industrial doors
  • >> Gates
  • >> Windows
  • >> Translucent panels
  • >> Skydomes
  • What do your requirements for the individual parts of the hall look like? How much free space do you need? Where do the social rooms make most sense? A well thought-out structure is a prerequisite for successful business operations. With us, you will get the space that you need: Halls that combine short distances, sensible partitioning, and a good working atmosphere with one another.

    150 competent planners and engineers at Astron are waiting to give you the best consultancy and an all-round carefree package


# 3-2-1 … here we go! 

3, 2, 1 – finished already. What continues to astonish builders is quite normal for us: We build quality in the best possible time. Most system elements are produced in our own manufacturing plants in Germany and the Czech Republic: regardless of the weather, in defined processes and with the latest technology. Only the final assembly is carried out on the building site – by our erectors, who are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Only a proper design makes a hall efficient. It’s good that you can count on us for comprehensive experience of the sector. Whether it be automobile parts, plastic materials, food or pharmaceuticals, warehousing or production – we know all about footprints, maintenance walkways, the power supply and the requirements for the hall floor. We are also happy to take care of cranes, a compressed air plant, mechanical components or the fixtures for office and social rooms. As the main contractor, we will equip your hall with everything that you need – functionally and cost-effectively.

Water, heat, technical gases, fresh air – for us, building services are a permanent part of the overall concept. Right from the start, our planners work closely with the experts from building management. In interdisciplinary teams we consider how to make the use of your hall as constructive and cost-effective as possible. The result: A building in which all the technologies are interlinked in the best possible way and are adapted to the structural requirements.


# We all care! 


Astron buildings are manufactured from materials of the highest quality and are renowned for their long-term durability, whatever the end-use and local environmental conditions. However, regular inspections will maximize the performance and service life of your Astron building. After you have made a major investment, it makes good sense to follow a program of planned inspection and maintenance to ensure that the building remains in first class condition. We can help you with the proper maintenance program!

People working on the maintenance of Industrial Building


Your building has been designed and fabricated for a low-maintenance service life. The use of high-quality raw materials and high engineering and manufacturing specifications minimize the effects of the weather and other environmental factors. Wind and snow loads have been carefully calculated within the structural design, thereby reducing the risk of severe weather damage.

Lady under an umbrella symbolizing the reduced operating and maintenance costs. Steel buildings solution


Equally, the threats of premature ageing and attack by acid rain, vehicle fumes, agricultural chemicals and other forms of environmental pollution have been lessened by the use of specifically formulated protective coatings on the wall and roof surfaces. Furthermore, wall and roof seams and fastening systems include sealants and sealant tapes that have optimal resistance to weathering, ultraviolet rays and ageing. Astron's building technology and experience reduce the risk of premature ageing and other forms of damage. A planned maintenance program will further extend service life. A building – like a car – gives better service when correctly maintained.

People working on the maintenance of an industrial building that enable reduced operating and maintenance costs.