Chromosomes made of steel!

Astron is one of the leading specialists in the design and construction of large buildings in Europe. The story began in 1965. At that time, Astron's business started with prefabricated steel buildings, inspired by the American model. Astron has grown to become Europe's leading brand of steel building solutions for industrial applications, an expert in sustainable construction, and a manufacturer of large steel buildings.

Today, Astron employs 650 people in 8 offices and 2 production plants. More than 50,000 buildings have been produced.

Astron has its own Research & Development Department to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Our Design Office has about 150 engineers who design the buildings and use the most modern technologies, BIM and other innovative software. The client can visualize his building in 3D from the first stages of design. Later on, the building data is digitally transmitted to the robots for a state-of-the-art production. All the components of the supporting structure are prefabricated to measure in our three factories.

charpente métallique pour bâtiment industriel, vue intérieure d'un batiment avec charpente métallique
A smart building system with pre-fabricated elements.

An efficient system speeds up the process

The Astron process is a concept of custom-designed turnkey buildings: logistic centers, factories, storage warehouses, offices, sports halls and also multi-storey car parks. These buildings are customized according to their use, size, architectural requirements, and future expansion.

The Astron process is very flexible and includes all primary and secondary structural elements, connection elements, as well as roofing and facade systems, including fasteners, waterproofing complements, finishing parts and integrated accessories.

With this process, all possible options for your building construction can be explored.

Large span for your full flexibility

For many years, Astron has built its reputation on free spans from 10 to 100 m without intermediate columns, enabling an optimum use of space. We have a large range of frames and we can also produce frames outside this range for special cases. Whether you require specific interior building heights to accommodate equipment and storage or need a large-span building to withstand extreme weather conditions, we offer several different steel framing systems to fit the needs of nearly any type of metal building.

Montaż konstrukcji stalowej na placu budowy - Modułowe rozwiązania.

Ingenious assembly for quick availability

All Astron buildings are delivered as prefabricated solutions, ready to assemble. The components are produced in the plant on automated production lines. The use of prefabricated elements brings many sustainable benefits to the construction phase.

The “pre-engineering” method and the precision of the steel structures shorten the assembly time and reduce the environmental impact and the neighbourhood disturbance on your construction site. All components of the supporting structure of your building are custom-made in our plant.

The Astron field assembly consists of simple bolted or screwed connections. No welding, cutting or modification, or "wet work" is required. All parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, individually identified at the factory and supplied with an assembly drawing.

  • This means less waste, fewer deliveries and fast on-site construction. Extensive prefabrication for fast construction and simplified assembly.
  • There is a significant reduction in the amount of water required, also in waste generation, dust emission, and traffic and noise than in traditional construction.
  • Management of the on-site work is greatly facilitated.

All of these advantages are particularly valuable in congested urban areas.

Astron Car Parks – established 1994

Do you require parking spaces for customers, visitors or employees? We can build a multi-storey car park for you that fulfils all your needs! Astron multi-storey car parks offer an optimised, individual solution for every use - functional, cost-effective and with a large scope for design.

Developed by people, made for cars

Building plots are often small or are just gaps between buildings. Therefore, we have made it our specialty to accommodate the maximum amount of parking spaces on a minimal base area. In certain cases we replace the ramps with car-lifts. Or we develop buildings that have truck parking spaces on the bottom floor and parking spaces for cars on the upper floors. The more specific your demands, the more innovative our solution.

For more details, just check out our special website for car parks.

Multi-storey car park surrounded by nature. Astron Car Parks