Six decades of experience in industrial buildings

Astron is the European leader in steel constructions for industry, logistics and car parks. This result is the fruit of hard work in pursuit of one goal: to constantly develop our skills and knowledge around the concept we call "buildings for business".

Back in 1920, our parent company "Commercial Shearing and Stamping" was founded in the United States. For their European business, in 1962, a "pre-engineered" metal building was ordered from Texas/USA, delivered to Diekirch/Luxembourg and erected in record time. Some potential customers observed the speed of this erection and requested the same kind of building for their own business.

The entrepreneurial attitude of the first four employees at that time made it happen: They perceived an opportunity to sell more of those buildings in the rapidly expanding European economies with a key advantage over competition: lightness and speed of construction from order to completion. A new business was born.

History of Astron Buildings in the 60s. Over 50 years of experience in industrial buildings – Astron
First premises in Diekirch, Luxembourg.

A decade of pioneering


With the official founding of the company, the licensed distribution of metal buildings begins through a network of local construction companies: the idea of the Builder network is born.


The first buildings are sold in Luxembourg, while the first Astron Builder signs the partnership contract in Germany. Astron employs 30 people in Diekirch/Luxembourg, working in a 700 m² facility.


The first semi-automatic production line for welded primary framing is installed, reaching a capacity of 250 buildings a year. By the end of the decade, employment has increased from 30 to 400 people.

A decade of growth


A series of manufacturing expansion programs is introduced: from cutting and welding of the primary framing to wall and roof panels, secondary framing, and painting. The factory is now able to produce all building components and accessories for complete steel buildings in a modern, integrated facility at Diekirch/Luxembourg.


Astron ends the American license and introduces metric measurements, according to the various European norms, regulations and local demands. This also facilitates the start of the concept of "tailor-made" buildings, following individual customer demands.

Manufacturing of steel buildings in the 70s. Design and construction of large buildings
The construction process becomes industrial.
History of Astron steel building solutions – Astron Buildings
Technology improves fast.

A decade of technology


Technology for new product lines: "Astrotherm" insulation is added to the buildings offered and a new, even more standardized and pre-approved building system named "Astronet" is introduced.


Subsidiary companies are created in France and Germany, and new sales offices established to better serve customer needs locally. A "management information system" is used to link all major Astron offices.


Computer technology using graphical terminals is applied in engineering and order processing. "Cyprion" is launched for the Builders: a calculation software developed inhouse for the instant pre-design and pricing of steel buildings. At this point in time, it is the first in the building industry and thus unique.

A decade of expansion


Astron expands its methods and quality management system to be aligned with ISO 9002 certification - as the first steel construction company in Europe.


Eastern European countries open up. New opportunities drive Astron’s market expansion. Thanks to its building systems concept and its speed from order to completion, Astron can take advantage of the construction boom experienced in the newly independent nations. In Štenberk/Czech Republic, a small factory is opened with two workers.


The manufacturing of structures based on hot rolled sections starts, enabling the launch of crane rail beam products and multi-storey buildings, the so-called "MSB" business.

Truck loading steel building elements. History of the  specialist in steel buildings
A second factory enlarges capacity.
Custom-designed turnkey buildings- Astron Buildings' History
Machinery is updated for additional business.

A decade for new markets


Following the rapid development in the East, the Czech factory is relocated to Přerov to increase production capacity.


Further expansion in Eastern Europe: sales offices are opened in Romania and Croatia. The sales volume of these new markets reaches 50 % of the overall volume. Astron employs 650 people in total.


To further expand the building systems business, a new 14,000 m2 plant is opened, equipped with all the machinery required to produce the full scope of the product range.

A decade of innovation


The Astron research team develops a new integrated design and draughting tool, using computer control to automatically connect the engineers' designs to the welding robots in the production unit. BIM modelling is used for the first time to interact with other stakeholders in a project.


Astron develops concepts for circular economy solutions, in particular a demountable and re-usable parking structure. A second generation of welding robots are introduced to the manufacturing.


Astron belongs to the Briand group, located in Les Herbiers/France. Astron employs 650 people in 8 offices and 2 production plants, with yearly sales of about 120 M€.

History of Astron steel building system – Astron Buildings
Robots open new dimensions.