A profitable and risk-free investment ... Invest in industrial real estate!

Our philosophy:

A real partnership

Our approach is to find inventive solutions together with you for tailor-made and long-term profitable investments. We pay particular attention to each project and will apply all our energy and know-how to guarantee an optimum result and ensure that your investor partners will be rewarded for their investment solution.

Are you interested in technical innovation for energy monitoring? Deployment of various devices can be integrated into your industrial building, allowing the production of photovoltaic electricity or the use of renewable heat sources, better waste management or rainwater recycling, etc.

Agility, innovation and reactivity are the key words of our teams in order to achieve a common goal: your customer's satisfaction.

2 engineers working in Astron engineering office: a customer-first approach & a purpose-built team of 135 engineers
We pay particular attention to each project.

A profitable investment

The potential for long-term returns

Apart from retail and office real estate, industrial buildings are commercial properties used for industrial purposes: warehouses, factories, storage facilities, buildings that can be used as warehouse investment properties, factories, and logistics management areas. 

While the residential real estate market is becoming more and more concentrated these days, industrial property is taking its place as the more profitable real estate investment option of the two. Simple and profitable for a limited capital outlay, an industrial building is a promising investment to diversify one's assets. Strong growth in the real estate market and scarcity make the investment attractive.

Astron Buildings are a single-source supply for any industrial building tenant who wants to invest in a building, receive global services and profit from a turnkey solution.

High-quality steel building in London. Fast turnkey constructions
High-quality steel buildings generate a steady, predictable income stream year after year.

The long-term vision

In what ways can you make your overall investment profitable?

Our "global cost" approach allows you to limit the risks of your investment solution and offers you an attractive return.

From the design stage, we can draw up a project based on clear plans, a description of the services envisaged, a price and a time-frame for studies and implementation, and we are reactive in the case of modifications.

We offer you an adapted TCO solution in order to optimize your purchasing strategies and to create added value.

Industrial building investor looking for single-source supply for industrial building
In what ways can you make your overall investment profitable?

The local approach

Full range of services

With more than 59 years of experience, Astron has developed a large network of locations all over Europe with a strong regional presence, allowing you to be as close as possible to your customers. We provide personalized assistance anywhere around the world.

A full range of services can be provided with the support of our own engineering team, our Europe-wide Builder network, local architects, developers or major general contractors, local authorities and landholders to ensure smooth and on-time delivery of the complete project.

Personalized assistance anywhere around the world for pre-engineered steel buildings.
Astron provides personalized assistance anywhere around the world.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly construction

Are you looking for an environmentally conscious and simplified approach to your construction project? As a building investor, you want to ensure that your construction project is not only structurally sound but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The choice of materials used in construction plays a significant role in achieving these goals.

Steel is our material of choice because it is strong, durable, and reliable. Plus, it is both cost-effective and environmentally sound. Steel is an energy-efficient material that requires less energy to produce than other building materials. Steel also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, less material is needed to achieve the same structural integrity. By using steel, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to produce and transport building materials, as well as the energy needed to maintain the building's temperature.

Using steel in construction can also help achieve energy savings. Steel-framed buildings can be designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Steel is also a suitable material for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and other renewable energy systems, which can help reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

exemple de méthode simplifiée et plus respectueuse de l'environnement pour mener à bien votre projet de construction
We strive to meet all construction needs with attention to sustainability, providing a simplified and more environmentally friendly way to complete your construction project.