Industrial buildings for manufacturing

Achieve maximum functionality and productivity on your shop floor

Planning a manufacturing building?

Industry, mechanical production, factories and workshops: all manufacturing plants and production buildings are a significant part of our reference buildings. We have experience in the production of industrial buildings for various manufacturing industries (from small-scale manufacturing to heavy structures for heavy industry).

The very high level of flexibility of our building solutions allows us to meet the most demanding requirements (e.g. implementation of different kinds of technologies, crane beams, large sliding gates, floors, etc.).

For example, an industrial bakery needs a completely different building to a printing company or an equipment supplier. Optimal workflow processes are only possible if the industrial hall has been optimally designed to meet the individual requirements.

Astron can provide prefabricated steel buildings in all shapes and sizes that can be adapted to various surface areas and customized to suit various manufacturing purposes.

Optimised manufacturing plant. Industrial building for manufacturing
A manufacturing building according to your specifications.
Manufacturing building that features powerful pieces of equipment.  Building solutions for manufacturing facilities
Shop floor of a manufacturing facility. Industrial building for manufacturing

Build the perfect shop floor for your business

>>  The type of products or process decides the layout of the shop floor

The shop floor is the production area of any manufacturing facility. There are no standard or generic shop floor layouts. These layouts are different for every manufacturing, assembling or processing facility. Various types of products or processes decide the layout of the shop floor.

You may need a large manufacturing building that features powerful pieces of equipment or highly specialized building structures equipped with ventilation systems, ducts, drains, water, gas, or chemical pipelines, depending on your business needs.

Large manufacturing building showing optimised building solutions for a manufacturing  facility
Work even more efficiently. Optimize the ROI of your manufacturing building.
Worker in a manufacturing plant. building for processing facilities
We work with you on each of your needs for the best possible solution.

>> Let's meet your precise needs

Manufacturing buildings have different features. Whether your design requires a minimum of interior columns to maximize your process flexibility or needs to be strong enough to support high capacity overhead cranes, or energy efficient so you can control costs while heating and cooling your production area, or able to easily expand when you need more production or storage capacity, our buildings can meet your precise needs.

With a product-oriented layout or a process oriented layout, your manufacturing building has specific requirements that you need to meet.

Our experts design innovative building solutions for your operations, including design, detailing, production, delivery and building erection.


Heavy Manufacturing Building

>> Built-to-suit

Does your building need capital-intensive equipment required for the production of goods and materials such as aeronautics, big vehicles, outdoor equipment, or shipyard businesses?

To implement your manufacturing effectively, your building can be tailor-made to run extensive machinery inside its walls, be equipped with high-capacity ventilation or exhaust systems in order to eliminate harmful chemicals and fumes inside the facility and produce clean air, or enable different kinds of specific equipment.  

Large manufacturing building that features powerful pieces of equipment. Astron buildings solutions
Smart building for maximum efficiency.
Assembly of a steel building showing the fast assembly of steel building solutions
We have extensive experience in developing smart infrastructure that is tailor-made for your business activity.

Light Manufacturing Building

>> Operate with maximum efficiency

Is your manufacturing facility used for assembly, disassembly, fabricating, finishing, manufacturing, packaging, or to repair or process various types of materials, such as printing, commercial laundry, etc.

Then your manufacturing can take place in a light assembly building. You may also include a storage component to house raw materials and finished goods until they are shipped.

Your light manufacturing facility can have an internal free span of 100 m without intermediate columns, for an optimum free interior space. 

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Flexible Building

>> Make your factory floor more rewarding and efficient

Are you looking for a flexible building that can be used for multiple manufacturing purposes, including a production unit with a storage facility? Our team will see how all this fits together right from the beginning to build a smart building for increased efficiency and an optimum added value. Contact us.

>> Optimise working conditions & reduce energy costs

Optimised working conditions through natural lighting and well thought-out building layout are essential for the well-being and the efficiency of the building occupants, and you can reduce energy costs through the benefits of daylighting.      

worker in a manufacturing plant. Manufacturing, assembling or processing facilities
Efficiency and a pleasant working environment.
aeral view of a large manufacturing plant
Our vast experience and industry knowledge will support you every step of the way.

>> Need for speed?

Astron helps you to turn your ideas into reality – within a fixed timeframe and a fixed budget. We use a system approach and pre-engineered products that perfectly fit together. Usually it takes 10 – 12 weeks for the complete design and production of your building. Construction is carried out by certified erectors in 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  

>> International expansion of your production?

To ensure the best service from start to finish and from location to location, you will have a single point of contact, no matter where you’re building.

With a single point of contact, you receive the support you need for your project. No matter how big or small, our vast experience and industry knowledge will support you during the whole process until completion.

>> Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our design office can design your project in BIM from LOD 100 to LOD 400. Our design office uses IFC file export and import configurations so that everyone involved can find the information they need.  Digital design methods prevent costly errors, ensure quality and cost-effectiveness and result in fewer corrections, thus saving resources.

>> The total cost of ownership TCO

Nowadays, when a manager chooses between alternatives in a purchasing decision, he systematically considers two prices: The short-term price of an item, namely: The purchase price, and the long-term price, namely: The total cost of ownership. 

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the purchase price of an asset plus the operating costs (energy, maintenance, downtime for major repairs, etc.). Evaluating the total cost of ownership provides an overview of what the product is worth and its value over time. For a manufacturing plant, the purchase value calculated over 20 years represents only 1/3 of its TCO value.

We have experience in providing manufacturing building solutions that are cost-effective to build, economical to maintain and energy-efficient to operate.


  • Over 59 years of experience, constructing 50,000+ steel buildings
    Astron is the European leader in pre-engineered steel buildings, mainly for industrial applications. 50,000+ buildings have been realized as turnkey solutions all over Europe.


    The industrial building that best adapts to your needs

    # Ingenious design
    Your project should start long before the construction phase. Our team provides you with different variants of building solutions, considering structural optimization, energy efficiency, natural lighting and minimized construction cost, using 3D models and BIM. Our design & build approach is reinforced by our pragmatic approach based on our experience as engineers, manufacturer and assembler in terms of functionalities and cost control. All Astron products are tailor-made, based on proven pre-engineered solutions worked out within the large group of 150 engineers in 8 European design offices.

    # Evolving the design
    When you start thinking about a new building, you usually have many ideas in your head – dreams, needs, concerns. At Astron we help you to turn your ideas into reality – within a fixed timeframe and a fixed budget. We translate your functional and regulatory requirements into fluid space. You validate each phase and remain the decision-maker for the proposed options: ergonomics, structure, choice of materials.

    # Variable shape
    Adapt your building to any type of environments. Shape, climatic & atmospheric conditions, soil & seismic characteristics, together we will find the best configuration to contribute to the profitability of your project.

    # Future extensions
    Your building can be designed to allow for future modifications to best accompany the development of your company, without interrupting your operations: an extension, photovoltaic installation, future cranes …or mutability.


    Building structure of 32 m high silos for seeds storage. The building is designed to perfectly integrate the silos
Pre-engineered steel construction for Toyota. Steel building solutions, designing and producing all the main components of a prefab metal building


Your industrial building optimized in its design & realization

# Early-stage conception
At Astron we help you to turn your ideas into reality – within a fixed timeframe and a fixed budget. Our team provides you with different variants of building solutions so you can select the one which best suits your needs, the most effective with respect to future usage. It includes energy efficiency, lighting optimization and minimized construction cost. Our expert team focus on analyzing your designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections in order to achieve essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost, consistent with the required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.

# Consistent high quality at all times 
We have full control of the supply chain from purchasing through the engineering study, manufacturing to installation. The result is an increased efficiency of the entire process to ensure the right product is at the right place at the right time.

# Easy and precise assembly
A pre-engineered steel building is the key to a successful assembly. No welding or cutting should be necessary on site. Everything is thought out in advance for a precise and fast assembly of your building. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your large industrial building project needs: having all building components at the right place at the right time, for perfect job site coordination.

# Smart production
Our buildings are produced in our two manufacturing plants. The prefabrication at the plant also ensures a smooth assembly process. Astron uses smart shaped profiles. All products can be packed efficiently. 5 times more compact means 5 times less delivery cost. 100 m² building fit on 1 truck.


    Global cost reasoning on all the items

    # Speed of commissioning
    The Astron solution is an excellent choice when you have tight construction schedules. Once you have a basis for the design, the systems construction will shorten the manufacturing timetable. Furthermore, the standardized parts and connections will cut building erection time by 20% or more.

    # Most sustainable solution
    IImagine the operating costs of your building becoming an integral part of the decision-making process in the design and construction stages. At Astron we develop innovative solutions that serve customers not only today, but during the complete lifetime of their buildings. Cost savings from efficiency gains are at the core of our strategy. Our aim is to find the best pragmatic solution for our customers for an overall efficient & sustainable building.

    # Reduced operating and maintenance costs
    Your building has been designed and fabricated for a low-maintenance service life. The use of high-quality raw materials and high engineering and manufacturing specifications minimize the effects of weather and other environmental factors. Your building has been carefully calculated within the structural and detail design, highest production and quality standard certified by independent certification companies. We have implemented and adhere to systems and methods like Zero-Defect Strategy, 5S, Kanban, continuous improvement system, assembly quality control and continuous maintenance.

    Architectural buildings. Example of a architectural pre-engineered steel building
Steel Warehouse Building. Large industrial buildings for warehouse


Freedom at all levels

# Extensive design freedom
Your building represents your company and its style, and serves as a showcase for customer visits.

# Adapted form
From the simplest architecture to the most sophisticated! The shape of your structure can easily be combined with the availability and constraints of your land.

# Perfect integration into the environment
Whatever your direct environment is: downtown, industrial zone, shopping center, respecting urban requirements is a priority for Astron.

# Great freedom
In order to enhance the external aspect of the structure, Astron has a multitude of options concerning the facades. Metal, stone, wood, vegetation are all materials that will perfectly match your architectural wishes.

# BIM solution
Right from the design stage, your industrial building will be imagined and drawn in 3D, ready to integrate BIM functionalities from the very first sketches.


    A fast and efficient process

    # Single source supply
    Astron helps you to turn your ideas into reality – within a fixed timeframe and a fixed budget. We use a system approach and pre-engineered products that perfectly fit together. Usually it takes 10 – 12 weeks for the complete design and production of your building. Construction is carried out by certified erectors in 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.
    One single contact person handles the process from the beginning to the very end, taking care of all the details and bearing the full responsibility until the finalization of the building.

    # Building smart
    A smart approach to all building components adds up to better quality and durability. Our building systems are engineered precisely to the specifications for a higher-quality building and better building performance.

    # Innovative approach
    Starting from a blank page, we have the ability to configure the building to best suit your needs. From the planning stage onwards, through production to the final assembly, all our employees are fully committed to customer satisfaction.

    # Concept of the large span
    For many years, Astron has built its reputation on free spans, without intermediate columns, from 10 to 100 m. Unobstructed, column-free spaces greater up to 100 metres are required for a variety of usages. These include activities where flexibility is key, where visibility is important, such as some manufacturing facilities, and where large movable objects are housed, such as aircraft hangars.

    Increased Speed of Building Assembling. Astron industrial buildings
A sustainable building minimizing your footprint


Energy saving from design to operation

# From A to Z
At Astron we strive to meet all your construction needs with attention to sustainability, providing a simplified and more environmentally friendly way to complete your construction project in every aspect of our business. Astron was one of the first players on the market to provide economical solutions for a «nearly zero-energy building» NZEB for industrial applications.

# Steel promotes sustainability
Because steel building systems start with recycled steel today and can be recycled at the end of their useful lives, systems construction outperforms all other forms of construction for life cycle analysis and least material impact on the environment.

# Certified approach
Astron is assessed by EcoVadis, an international network in the field of sustainability. The assessment focuses on global supply chains, i.e. networks of relationships between production, distribution and procurement. As an example, our optimised use of raw materials and the high recycling rate were rated very positively. The energy optimisation of the Astron buildings and the support of LEED and BREAM certificates were also honoured accordingly. The result is an energy-efficient building that is completed faster, with the highest quality and lowest risks.