Design in total freedom!

The philosophy: improve the quality of life by creating an urban living space with a high level of architectural freedom

It is no longer possible to ignore the climate crisis, the consequences of which are already being felt. Urban densification, energy sobriety and the rational management of raw materials are strong trends that guide architects' missions today. We have, therefore, naturally applied this approach to our buildings.

Astron halls are versatile, and so customers have the freedom to design the logistics buildings that most efficiently suit their specific needs and plan warehouses with optimized space. If desired, customers can also opt for a turnkey solution.

By using new technologies, our buildings combine intelligent infrastructures (space optimisation, energy efficiency, conservation of resources) and equip them for the future both technologically and sustainably. Astron has developed innovative and feasible concepts with which you can reach Zero-Energy standard. For outstanding energy performance, tools objectively show you how customers can save energy and money, and how daylight can be optimized using different scenarios, tools which connect all these factors to the relevant economic parameters.

We value our partnership and appreciate how you help make our buildings come to life!

Our buildings combine space optimization, energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

#1 / Supporting you from the design phase 

Anticipating needs and understanding the stakes involved are key to meeting expectations.

We can assist you in combining functionality and design. We translate the functional and regulatory requirements into fluid spaces, while keeping users at the heart of our thinking.

From strategic thinking to final implementation, our teams of specialists answer your questions to help you with your analyses.

We respect deadlines and budgets without ever sacrificing quality. For this reason, we offer turnkey construction solutions using products that combine perfectly: each beam, joist, column, bolt, is created to integrate perfectly with the surrounding elements. Astron assembly on the job site is simple - bolted or screwed connections. No welding, little site cutting or modification and no ”wet” work. All parts are cut-to-length, pre-punched and individually identified. This means less waste, fewer deliveries and rapid construction on site. A high degree of prefabrication for fast, reliable and predictable construction.

Architect of steel buildings combining functionality and design
We translate the functional and regulatory requirements into fluid spaces, while keeping users at the heart of our thinking.

#2 / Controlling the regulatory context

Large constructions must meet certain standards and requirements defined by a regulatory framework. With more than fifty projects a year, we have a good knowledge of the regulations applicable to your project, as well as a regular follow-up of the regulatory developments that may impact it. This constitutes a solid basis to ensure compliance. Our team consists of professional project managers that have experience working on global markets.

Industrial Architecture: translate the functional and regulatory requirements into fluid space
We have a good knowledge of the regulations applicable to your project.

#3 / Rehabilitation, reconstruction and extension

Astron has developed a building system that can be perfectly assembled and is also flexible in terms of structure extensions or conversion. The choice of high quality materials, and the quality of Astron's engineering and manufacturing limit the risks of premature aging of your project.

For existing buildings, our services also include a complete renovation system.

Industrial architecture design and construction of industrial buildings
Customization of the system according to your specifications.

#4 / Design in BIM from LOD 100 to 400

Our design office can design your project in BIM from LOD 100 to LOD 400. Our design office uses IFC file export and import configurations so that everyone involved can find the information they need.

Design in BIM from LOD 100 to 400
We use Building Information Modelling for enhanced collaboration, creativity and knowledge sharing.

#5 / Preserving the local heritage

Our achievements testify to our expertise in the field of buildings constrained by land. Respecting urban planning requirements is a priority and we work closely with local communities to preserve the identity of the area.

The architecture of a building can be perfectly integrated into its environment. In order to enhance the external aspect of your project, Astron has a multitude of options concerning the facades, accessories, and architectural extras.  

The interior appearance can respect and evoke the identity of your client by creating an individual and personalized atmosphere.

We assist architect from the conception of your building

#6 / Providing high quality products and services

From strategic thinking to the design and implementation of your project, we offer you services adapted to each stage of your project.

We assist you from the conception of your building in order to define a building that offers a high level of services with functionalities providing comfort of use. This includes planning for its evolution over the next 10 years, optimizing its overall acquisition cost and anticipating the demands of the client.

When designing your building, functionality and profitability are priorities. In addition to this, it is possible to create personalized architecture and a high level of services.

Your Astron facility is built on a turnkey basis with a "plug & play" system. Thanks to efficient partnerships with selected service providers, all the trades work together harmoniously.  A single contact person manages the process and the follow-up of the construction site until the completion. This makes all the difference compared to the traditional approach.

Our buildings are of high quality and durable. They are designed to allow you to have a project that limits maintenance costs over the long term, with a controlled "Total Cost of Ownership".

The construction system, materials and equipment are chosen to combine durability, longevity and ease of maintenance.

Industrial building design with a personalized architecture

#7 / Environmental impact - social responsibility at the heart of our commitments

Favouring the construction of a more inclusive society, working for the emergence of responsible sustainable mobility for all ... Faced with the social, society and environmental challenges, Astron works with you to find efficient and innovative solutions for sustainable construction and control the impact of your project on the environment.

Astron is committed to respect the human rights of employees, suppliers and customers, to the protection of the environment but also solidarity actions. Our CSR approach is integrated in all our activities:

>> Social responsibility: To be a reliable and moral business partner for you, meeting your expectations but also those of our suppliers and other partners.
Astron's Code of Ethics and the company's core values play a crucial role in defining and guiding our behavior and activities. Our approach is to help to simplify construction at all stages of the process: in the design phase of the product itself, its installation and its performance. Quality management systems are applied throughout the company. Our production units are ISO 9001 quality certified.

>> Environmental responsibility: We work to provide you with eco-efficient solutions with minimal impact on the environment.
Our responsibility to the environment and the legacy we leave to future generations has influenced our activities for many years. This responsibility is not only limited to our short- and long-term activities and our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our processes. The solutions and products we offer you are equally important and will make a significant contribution to making your buildings more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

>> Responsibility to society: Having good relations with the public is very important to us. With operations in nearly 30 countries and over 125 locations, we have been able to support and cooperate with local businesses.

Sustainable building solutions

#8 / Customizing the process according to your specifications

In a partnership approach, we offer a flexible model that meets your specifications and integrates environmental issues so that each project is unique and reflects the wishes of your client.

The facade gives each building its identity. It is the interaction of forms, functionality and materials. We develop a customized solution for your project. Depending on the location and the requirements of the client, other materials such as glass, wood or concrete can be used to enhance your facade; in fact, the steel structure can be combined with all types of products. Astron offers you the widest possible range of design options to enable you to find a real freedom of expression and a perfect integration of the building into its urban landscape.

Industrial buildings sustainability. Energy saving from design to operation