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Our philosophy:

Innovation at your service with complete transparency

In a long-term partnership approach, we pay particular attention to each project and will use all our energy and know-how to guarantee you an optimum result. Quality, reactivity and transparency are the key words of our teams in order to reach a common objective, the satisfaction of the final customer.

International large-scale solutions

We provide you with personalized assistance anywhere around the world

We are experts in building but also in international large-scale buildings. We offer personalized assistance anywhere around the world. A full range of services can be provided with the support of our own engineering team, our Europe-wide Builder network, local architects, developers or major general contractors, local authorities and landholders to ensure smooth and on-time delivery of the full project.

A long-term partnership approach.

Support from the first step

For your industrial building

Right from the design phase we propose working with you in a collaborative and cross-functional manner: this "project" concept allows us to move forward together in a rigorous and structured manner. This approach includes forecasting the evolution of the building in 10 years, optimizing its overall cost of acquisition and anticipating the demands of the client.

We intervene upstream of a project with the elaboration of master planning in order to maximize its success. Quantifying and qualifying the demands of the building allow us to have a global and synthetic vision of the real needs and to define all the components of the project. The program is not fixed and adapts to the different phases while maintaining the major objectives.

We respect deadlines and budgets without ever sacrificing quality. To achieve this, we offer innovative construction solutions using products that combine perfectly.

example of steel building construction
From the strategic thinking to the final realization, our teams of specialists accompany you in a partnership approach through all the phases of your project.

Controlling the price of a project together

Firm and definitive prices and deadlines

From the design stage, we can elaborate a project in the form of a study based on plans, a description of the services envisaged, a price and a time frame for study and execution. We are reactive in the case of modifications. As a design office, this allows you to easily and quickly guarantee a quality service at the best cost and in compliance with the deadlines set for your end customer.

Working in a spirit of constructive partnership allows us to minimize the risks by promoting exchange, transparency, as well as guaranteeing a real reactivity, to optimize and adapt the offer to the needs of the customer and to propose firm and definitive prices and deadlines.

example of pre-engineered steel construction
We propose firm and definitive prices and deadlines.

An environmentally friendly solution

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Faced with the current climatic challenges, we are committed to meeting the needs of the construction industry in an environmentally friendly manner by promoting the saving of resources and simplifying the construction of your project. Our teams work with you to assess, beyond compliance with local regulatory requirements, all the social and environmental issues of your projects.

This commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of our business, starting with steel as a raw material. This means we can provide only environmentally friendly, green materials. From an architectural point of view, steel can be combined with other facade materials such as vegetation, wood, concrete, or any other ecological material.

Steel is our material of choice: solid, robust and reliable. Moreover, it is economical and ecological. We produce steel buildings with 100% recyclable steel. Steel products can be recycled to produce new products again and again without any loss of quality. The optimized use of raw material means less resources and less waste.

Industrial steel structure with Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels
Strong, durable and totally recyclable, steel is a material of choice for buildings.

The BIM approach

More than a 3D model

The use of BIM is increasingly required for the construction of new large steel buildings. With the experience of all our employees involved in development for several years, we put all our know-how at your service to meet all the challenges related to your projects. All levels of details are possible from LOD 100 to 400.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) interlinks all phases of planning and action from production to construction. The virtual 3D model of your building helps to identify dependencies at an early stage, avoids errors, increases efficiency and ensures that all aspects of the project run seamlessly together while your building comes to life. 

Our team provides you with different variants of building solutions, including energy efficiency, lighting optimization and minimized construction cost, using 3D models and BIM.

Our working relationship: 

Partner or supplier?

We provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to carry out the implementation of procedures, the realization and the piloting of studies, and we support you throughout the project. Our teams will assist you in complete transparency to ensure the success of your mission.

Within the framework for grouping, we commit ourselves to be at your side, to accompany you from A to Z until the commissioning of the building, and we offer you adapted services at each stage of the project. This allows you to easily and quickly guarantee a quality service at the best cost and in compliance with the budgets and deadlines set.

Large industrial building complex, industrial building project large and complex
Our teams will assist you in complete transparency to ensure the success of your mission.