How to maintain your steel building ? What are the best building maintenance practices?

Astron buildings, renowned for superior quality, offer long-term durability in various environmental conditions. To optimize performance and extend service life, regular inspections are crucial. Safeguard your significant investment with a planned inspection and maintenance program, ensuring your Astron building remains in first class condition.

Your building has been designed and fabricated for a low-maintenance service life. The use of high quality raw materials and high engineering and manufacturing specifications minimize the effects of weather and other environmental factors. Wind and snow loads have been carefully calculated within the structural design thereby reducing the risk of severs weather damage.

To counter premature aging, protective coatings on wall and roof surfaces, along with sealants and tapes with optimal resistance to weathering, ultraviolet rays, and aging, are employed. Astron's technology and experience mitigate the risks of premature aging and damage. Implementing a planned maintenance program further extends the service life of your Astron building.

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Astron Buildings: Superior Quality, Long-Term Durability, Essential Inspections for Peak Performance!

Each Astron building element is designed for trouble-free service. Similar to a car, proper maintenance enhances the building's overall performance and longevity.

How to maintain your steel hall: Maintain the building structure 

The Astron steel structure has been designed to comply with the wind, snow and additional loads supplied by Astron. It can also be designed to accommodate future building needs and modifications.

However, where retroactive alterations are being considered, the integrity of the original structural design, are erected, must be taken into account. Astron recommend that you consult your local Astron Builder before proceeding with any work which may have significance for the structural integrity of your building. This includes the removal of parts such as flange braces or wind bracings. 

Where additional loads are to be imposed on the structural frame, the original design and calculations must be reviewed. Your Astron Builder must be consulted before installing systems such as air-conditioners, heating units, sprinklers or other works which impose extra loads.These installations may require minor reinforcement work for secure attachment. This can be achieved easily and without altering the aesthetics or structural integrity of the building.

In many countries certain mechanical and structural items, such as bridge cranes, monorails and automatic smoke vents, are subject by law to regular inspections by qualified and legally approved organizations. Builders can recommend on how and with whom to sign an inspection contract.

How to maintain your steel hall: Maintain the cladding


The walls of your Astron building are designed for durability, but regular inspection and simple preventive maintenance will enhance their life. Wall panels of Astron buildings normally have one of the following types of coating: superpolyester resin / PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) / high density polyester. All these coatings offer excellent weathering resistance, depending on building use and environmental conditions.


Any minor damage to wall surfaces should be dealt with during regular inspections. “Touch-up” paint is available for Astron buildings to match the building color. More serious damage may require the replacement of the wall panel. Replacement panels can be ordered for swift delivery and easy repair. 


Cleaning Astron steel walls is minimal due to their resistance to dust. Rain showers suffice, but for horizontal sheeting, use a soft brush, mild detergent, and water. Avoid abrasives or solvents. Clean from top to bottom, a square meter at a time, continually rinsing to prevent detergent or shampoo stains.


When landscaping your Astron building, it is important not to “dig in” the base of your wall panels. Keep the gap between the panel's lower edge and base profile clear to prevent moisture accumulation and corrosion. Defoliants used near the base can accelerate corrosion; ensure they don't contact Astron wall panels.


Swing doors and industrial doors generally receive more daily wear and tear than other building component. They should be repainted regularly. Flashings and closures connecting the wall cladding and door frame should be examined periodically. Door hinges and door gear should be regularly lubricated. A simple door stop, optional part in the Astron delivery, can be used to avoid the door to damage the wall cladding.

How to maintain your steel hall: Maintain the roof and gutters

When accessing the roof, ensure compliance with safety equipment regulations. Perform an annual roof and gutter inspection to prolong the lifespan of your Astron building, adjusting frequency based on local regulations. Gutters accumulate water, snow, ice, debris, etc. need yearly examination and cleaning especially in tree-surrounded areas. After cleaning, apply a light coat of bitumen-based paint to the inside surfaces of aluzinc gutters. For laminated foil coating, use original material patches for repairs.

Include a vapour barrier inspection in the annual roof inspection for single-skin roofs. Close any holes or cuts to maintain proper building physics performance. Astron provides a repair kit. In high snow and ice risk regions, install a gutter heating system to prevent blockage.

During the annual gutter inspection, thoroughly examine the roof, adhering to local requirements. Check chimneys and vents, particularly in prevailing wind directions, for fume corrosion. Extend chimneys or apply protective paint if needed. Be cautious of nearby construction effects like fertilizer plants or power stations. 

Walk over supporting purlins for optimal load support, identifying them by the panel fixation line on the roof. After roof work, remove sharp metal items to prevent rust affecting the panel coating.


Cleaning practices differ by environment. Industrialized urban or coastal areas may need periodic roof washing, while rural, low-pollution areas may only require surface brushing. Use a soft brush, mild detergent, and clean water, avoiding abrasives or chemical agents.

Move carefully on the roof, avoiding the high corrugation of panels; wear shoes with rubber soles for safety. Prioritize safety when working on the roof. Your local Astron Builder, fully insured for roof cleaning and maintenance, possesses the right equipment and trained personnel.

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