Oriflame cosmetics production facility

The contract for the industrial steel building came from the cosmetics giant Oriflame, Sweden. The demand for cosmetics and the number of enthusiastic customers is enormous. The brand has been experiencing increasing growth for years.

This industrial steel building was erected in order to meet the purchasing power of cosmetics fans and serves as a production hall and distribution centre. The complex is divided into two parts according to the various functions. The total area amounts to 56,000 m².

The new production site features a factory, warehouse and distribution centre built on a 26-hectare plot of land. The plant manufactures shampoos, deodorants, liquid soaps and lipsticks.

Ventilation is provided by an ultramodern fan system that uses natural resources. The issue of sustainability was a top priority for our customer. For this, the standards of LEED certification were complied with. In the construction sector, this stands for being sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Thanks to many handy design solutions that focus on saving energy and creating a healthy and environmentally friendly workplace, this factory has been awarded the silver LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Magnus Brännström, CEO and President of Oriflame commented, “The launch of our new factory in Noginsk is an important milestone for Oriflame ... and will continue to be essential for the company. The opening of a large production site will further support Oriflame’s sales and development.“

  • Usage
    > Cosmetics
  • Area
    > 56,000 m²
  • Customer
    > Oriflame
  • Features
    > LEED environmental certification
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