Factory extension of B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems, a global leader in the vaccine cold chain industry, urgently needed an extension of its manufacturing facilities in Hosingen, Luxembourg. Its products store and transport vaccines across the world. B Medical Systems manufactures ultra-low freezers, vaccine refrigerators, freezers, and transport boxes among many other products for storing and transporting vaccines and other temperature-sensitive specimens across the world. The global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines created an unprecedented demand for vaccine cold chain solutions and to cater to this global demand, the company decided to expand its production facility.

Astron supported B Medical by providing 3 logistics and production buildings, 4,500m2 delivered turnkey within a very short time frame. The teams’ reactivity and effectiveness for design, production and shipping, and the coordination with all the construction partners, was key to meeting the extremely short deadlines.

The construction of new production halls and the optimization of existing floor space helped the company double its production capacity for the vaccine cold chain units and quintuple the production capacity for Ultra-Low Freezers. The new production hall includes assembly lines, end-of-line testing, and packaging sections.

Very satisfied with the customer focus and project coordination executed with Astron, B Medical could get its new buildings on time with the expected performance.

  • Usage
    > Pharmaceutical
  • Area
    > 4,500 m²
  • Location
    > Hosingen, Luxembourg
  • Customer
    > B Medical Systems
  • Features
    > 4,500 m² delivered turnkey within a very short time
  • 4,500m2 delivered turnkey within a very short time frame. Manufacturing plant for a leading pharmaceutical company
  • Production hall for the pharmaceuticals industry. Buildings for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Specific shop floor layout for a pharmaceutical company. Construction of new production halls
  • Pharmaceutical production unit in Luxembourg. Buildings for the pharmaceutical industry