Large, advanced facility for Guardian Glass

Czestochowa / Poland is the most prominent extension project worldwide; a diversified global manufacturing company with leading positions in glass products, fiberglass insulation and other building materials for commercial, residential and automotive applications.

Astron was awarded the contract for a 71,000 m² extension of a production plant located in Czestochowa. To meet the deadline for the assembly of this new unit, 50 erectors were working simultaneously at peak time. The output of the 2 float lines is 1825 tons/day glass production capacity.

“The new float line is the largest in the Guardian family of float lines,” explains Guus Boekhoudt, Guardian Glass Executive Vice President. “We’ve implemented an innovative new furnace design with high efficiency combustion systems in order to provide products that meet the stringent quality requirements of our customers, while minimizing both the energy used for production and emissions from the process.”

“The Guardian Glass Częstochowa plant represents our biggest greenfield capital investment in Guardian’s history,” Boekhoudt adds.

This facility is the company’s most efficient and operationally effective plant and houses our largest furnace and largest coater. The new float line has a nominal capacity of 1,000 metric tons of glass per day, while the new coater represents the latest in technology for Guardian and, we believe, for the industry.”

Astron has been building for the Guardian Group for more than 25 years. Apart from the manufacturing center in Poland, several buildings were also built in Luxembourg, Spain and Germany.

  • Usage
    > Manufacturing
  • Area
    > 71,000 m²
  • Location
    > Czestochowa, Poland
  • Customer
    > Guardian Glass
  • Features
    > Repetitive business in PL, LU, ES and DE
  • Guardian Glass manufacturing plant in Poland. Manufacturing Building Solutions
  • Guardian Glass industrial steel building. Manufacturing Building Solutions
  • Efficient and operationally effective plant in Rostov. Astron
  • Guardian Glass industrial steel building.