30,000 m² for electric trains

The Swiss Stadler Rail Group is a leader in the European electric train industry. A joint venture with Belarus BelKOmunMash, a Belarusian manufacturer of electric public transport vehicles, has been set up to create the OAO Electric Transport that will combine the best Swiss and Belarus products and practices.

Astron has been entrusted with the delivery of the 30,000 m² steel building for their new factory near Minsk. The new plant is part of a large-scale project.

The production plant is equipped with several cranes of 30 t capacity. The impressive frames are almost 20 m high and the building is 85 m wide. The layout and equipment are all geared towards maximizing manufacturing efficiency.

  • Usage
    > Manufacturing
  • Area
    > 30,000 m²
  • Location
    > Minsk, Belarus
  • Customer
    > Stadler Rail Group
  • Features
    > Several cranes of 30 t capacity
  • Electric train manufacturing plant. Manufacturing Building Solutions
  • Steel structure of a 30,000 m² building for new factory near Minsk. Smart building solutions for manufacturing facilities
  • Large-scale electric train manufacturing building. Manufacturing building from Astron
  • 30,000 m² manufacturing building for electric trains for Stadler Rail Group. Manufacturing plant building solutions