Data center in Milan: 34,000 m2 for STACK EMEA

The 13,500 m2 data center built for STACK EMEA – Italy, on the outskirts of Milan, is the second Astron building for the same customer. A third, independent 7,000m2 building is being assembled at the moment on the same campus which brings the total size of Astron data centers for STACK (ex-Supernap) to 34,000 m2. STACK EMEA – Italy was formerly known as SUPERNAP Italia. 

Six years ago, we set out to develop and operate Europe’s most advanced data center. With the completion of our second facility, we’ve brought our initial investment and campus vision full circle,” said S. Rizkalla, CEO of SUPERNAP Italia.

The building is equipped with the most advanced technology in Europe and fulfils all special norms for housing computer systems and associated components. The solution includes all environmental controls (air conditioning, fire protection, etc.) and important security. Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) requirements are on the highest possible level. As computers require a special environment in which to operate, the building ensures optimal control of temperature & humidity level.

The data center is equipped with a triple roof system to comply with the highest standards for safety, sustainability and watertightness - as required for a building hosting computer systems. It was especially developed and patented by our US customer as this complex roof is used for their data centers all over the world.

This comprises a double skin LMR600 and a single skin LMR600 on top, 2 meters higher. Even cyclonic winds are no problem for this roof structure as it was specifically designed to cope with such extreme weather conditions. The roof is configured to be forever maintainable, maintenance and/or replacement can be performed when necessary without impacting the critical operations of the facility.

  • Usage
    > Data center
  • Area
    > 34,000 m²
  • Location
    > Milan, Italy
  • Customer
    > STACK EMEA – Italy
  • Features
    > Double skin LMR600 + a single skin LMR600 on top
  • Data center steel building in Milan: 34,000 m2 for STACK EMEA
  • Stack Emea data center in Italy. Building a data center or a mission critical facility
  • 34,000m2 Stack Emea data center in Milan. Building a data center or a mission critical facility