Market leading, mission critical facility in switzerland

The owner of the data center is Quickline Business AG, one of the leading ISP companies in Switzerland. With the new Datacube, currently the most modern data center in Switzerland, the company can fulfill its customers’ requirements for top telecommunication solutions.

Great importance was particularly placed on the safety, sustainability and low energy consumption of the steel-concrete data center construction. In addition to physical safety, the building is also equipped with ultra-modern security technology for monitoring. The data center has a 55 metre high water tank and a private fibre-optic network. But even from the outside, the Datacube is ultra modern. Silver outer panels give the compact architecture a convincing final finish.

We are proud to offer our customers the most modern infrastructure throughout Switzerland with this Datacube”, explains Mark Thommen, CEO of Quick Line Business AG.

The three-storey building houses servers and data storage devices for corporate IT and cloud computing applications. Astron created a monolithic 2,500 m² concrete and steel structure.

The simple cubic form features external walls made of sandwich panels. Its facades are entirely clad with reflective steel panels with trapezoidal sections that create a homogenous, ridged surface.

Sustainability was an important factor in the design. The overall energy consumption of the building is just 10 kilowatts per square meter.

  • Usage
    > Data center
  • Area
    > 2,500 m²
  • Location
    > Münchenstein, Schwitzerland
  • Customer
    > Quickline Business AG
  • Features
    > TIER III - ISO 27001
  • Data center building. Leading mission critical facility in Switzerland
  • Data center building. Three-storey building houses servers and data storage devices
  • Cubic form features external walls made of sandwich panels - Data center in Switzerland
  • Data Center buildings. Quickline Business AG data center in Switzerland