Beeline data center

Beeline is an innovative IT company with cloud-based B2B and B2C solutions. The total area of the new complex is 6,000 m2. The first thing that catches your eye is the geometry. At the request of the customer, the building itself resembles a honeycomb. Structurally, it is implemented in the Astron MSB multi-storey building system and consists of three blocks: data center, administrative and technological. The power units were placed in separate two-storey buildings. Due to this division into blocks, the design was carried out in parallel, which significantly reduced the time.

The workflow with the general designer was facilitated by the BIM system, and information was exchanged using three-dimensional models.

Thus, all conflicts were identified at the design stage and there were no problems during the implementation. Architectural elements - a "bagel“ of columns around the perimeter of the building - were included in the Astron delivery package. Their specific feature is that all nodes have different angles of direction, thus, special detailing was required during the design and manufacturing stage. Here our production was perfect, demonstrating almost the precision of a jeweler, thanks to which the design could be assembled on the construction site without any adaptation or extra "filing“.

The facade in the SCHUCO system has a complex geometric shape and is mounted on supporting elements that transmit the wind load to the main building. To prevent the glass from cracking, the project set the highest possible rigidity parameters for the building.

  • Usage
    > Data center
  • Area
    > 6,000 m²
  • Customer
    > Beeline Data Center
  • Features
    > Unique climate control requirements
  • Feature some of our data center references. buildings for data center
  • Data center building. Inside view of mission critical facility
  •  Data center building. 6,000 m2 beeline data center with Astron building system